Sno owwwww

11th December 2014

Moan proceeding:
I booked a last minute flight to Romania and after 2 days contracted a vile tummy bug. Awesome. I’m so shit to be around – ratty, impatient and vexed.

Moan over

However the trip has been brilliant fun despite this. My translator Cornelia had little idea of what the week would entail and she has remained patient and nurturing throughout. She s working her arse off to make me happy and for a simple tour guide, a challenge would be an under exaggeration. It so tricky as the way that I speak with people can’t be translated over here, it’s a different culture, a different attitude and I often find myself naive, apologetic and frustrated…but I’m learning… I hope.

Yesterday the drizzle turned to heavy snow and after the mandatory vehicle breakdown we sat and had dinner whilst the snowflakes trickled in their plenty…I was excited…in pain…but excited.

I ve been toying with ideas and have little faith in what I ve shot but I’m seeing it as an alternative way to spend my week and an opportunity to make mistakes.

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Here’s an image from a stroll this morning,..OAO x