25th December 2014

Christmas tradition in Romania demands no turkey for the table. Instead pigs are slaughtered. Veggies beware if you decide to holiday in December to Maramures. Early mornings are filled with the cry of pigs and families gather at dawn to sacrifice the animal together.  It was interesting (but also challenging) to watch but I was fortunate enough to have access to  creatively play and intervene for a few of the slaughterings we attended. This image is more of an observational one and won’t make the edit but I thought I would share it. This ritual echoes the beautiful sense of tradition that exists in this region. The families are brought together and neighbours and friends work to help each other – a true community.
I hope everyone had a fab Christmas day and that whatever meat or veg was devoured that you too, were with others, celebrating the importance of kinship and community.


piga sm piga sm