Be still

14th April 2016

A short post before I fly into my nest.

Fogged film was a disappointing result of my lab returns today.

More annoyingly …what was on that roll??

Instead I decided to peek into my archive. I stumbled across this image from my Wales (test) shoot.

Forever drawn to shyness, Hannah captured my attention. As someone who rarely shuts up I enjoy being forced into a calmer and quieter gear. A natural pause can be relaxing and allow my mind to slow down. Connaire mentioned his sister was an introvert and as she sat by the quiet lake drawing I felt a sense of connection. We talked a little alone whilst the boys whizzed off in the truck to drop the last of the team back home.

Light was dropping and I was adamant that we shouldn’t have a crowd. With less people around it felt relaxed as we clambered about trying to find a spot. I worked slowly and just as we were rounding up I saw Hannah smile. I hoped that even if she was reluctant at first, she had enjoyed the process. The mud splattered as the engine roared to greet us and a bouncing Connaire leapt out to grab a quick last frame with his sister.