New borns and fading light

8th April 2016

After two glasses of Sauvignon Blanc I hesitated to press publish before some essential sobering sleep. So for this luxury I’ll post more than one. I heard a few days back that Malky gave birth. It seems such a short time ago I was with her in Israel, drinking coffee as she sported a weenie bump. I’m excited to congratulate her, hear her news and plan our next meet in Israel. Meanwhile I feel like it’s fitting to post an image of her and her youngest at the time. With accidental matching attire her son leapt into her arms gleaming patiently at my lens. Keeping with the trend of his siblings, this lad was angelic. Nestling into Malky his high-pitched voice squealed occasionally with delight. I wonder how long it will be before I see how much everyone has grown up.

The second of these images is a bad scan from a great land. I miss NY, this was a frame at the end of a long day as I raced it back to catch the Monsey bus to Manhattan. I wanted to post this, as it’s an image that will probably get lost in my archive. Wandering down the empty streets I hunted for signs of life. I am keen to revisit but it is so vast that ample roaming time will be required. Sometimes I steal a frame just to jog my memory when I’m far from a location in both time and distance. It’s all too easy to forget the sights and smells of a place. Perhaps I hope that capturing a hint of it can infuse some kind of motivation to return and delve underneath the visible street life….oao x