Image of the week…landing with a thump

24th December 2021

As I sit here wearing half of Pigeon, I am grateful to be back with certain comforts. I do, however, already miss my time away in the Duben Heide forest with two very special gents.

I’m looking forward to sharing some stories (from nudity to dead birds) but I shall begin by sharing an image. The @passageartresidency was in so many ways a gift and each day I was grateful for the time to simply make work and be present.

I settled when I began to see the forest in a slower more considered way. To marvel at the way different vegetation suffocated or embraced each other. I loved resting my head on the cold window of the van as we drove back at night. I sat hypnotised as the headlights flashed the trunks, bringing them to life as we flew past them.
I recall initially feeling a bit disappointed when first taking a soggy hike through the forest on day one. The birch reminded me of home, and it didn’t startle or surprise me. By the end of my trip, I had fallen in love with new parts we discovered, and each memory created. OAO x