A little late…but we are live!

9th November 2012

Well it’s taken a mere three year delay for me to finally get my site updated but here it is!!

To mark the ocassion I am posting an image from an unseen and unpublished series on Chess Boxers.

Strength of both mind and biceps are required for the ultimate tactical sport mixes two polarizing activities
Chess boxing combines the physical demands of boxing with the mental discipline of chess with only 60 seconds to adjust to the change in pace between the two. A full match consists of 11 rounds: 6 rounds of chess, each 4 minutes long, and 5 rounds of boxing, each 3/4 minutes long

Rounds of chess and boxing alternate until the end of the match. There is a one-minute break between each round, during which the chess table is removed from the ring.
Rules of fast chess are used, and a competitor only has a total of 12 minutes to use for all his chess moves. Player’s chess time is measured using a chess clock.
Victory is either a checkmate or a knock out.

I was keen to meet a mixture of professional players at this year’s Prize-fight Knight – The Heavy- weights held at the London Scala.