Made you look…made you stare…

15th November 2012

Sooooooo this is my first post from the world of my new site. Huge thanks to Mr James Dodd, for his patience and help.

Onto blogness… this weeks post comes from a recent trip to visit mini me in Berlin. Photography is often a burden on relationships and none more than my wee sister. She loathes my desire to stop and take pictures and as supportive as she is, I was determined to try and make this trip a selfless act, spend time with her for her birthday and let her show me her new found temporary nest. Amongst the nights of drunken debauchery, were lovely meals and constant exploring on bikes. By the last day I had proudly kept my Hasselblad locked tightly in my suitcase despite the addictive urge to bring it out to play everyday. It was not easy and made me feel pretty low…but I really enjoyed the quality family time and seeing Berlin in a different light.

On the last day I broke and buried it in my rucksack as we headed for an adventure I had planned, what’s more we were lucky enough to have my friend Holly Falconer on board. As we set off on our quest for fun , like over confident toddlers riding with stabilizers, I spotted a man sitting in a van. His gaze was unreal. I was struck by how he looked like a mannequin and avoided a near collision with a bus as I kept his hypnotic gaze. We reached the lights and my sister turned round and shouted over her shoulder:

“Whoa that dude looked weird”

In disbelief I shouted back… “was he real?”

She laughed, paused and then said: ” ok… go on then…”

I grinned and felt like a child being let out to play…. We peddled back and I quickly planned my approach, asking immediately what beautiful was in German.

He was busy, driving and completing removals of a flat in haste whilst negotiating the traffic and I knew he might not be easy to ask.

With no shame I made it clear I was a tourist and using broken German/English and over exaggerated charades gesturing indicated he had a compelling and beautiful face and could I take his picture…?

He laughed back and broke into a warm and fluent English response. Relieved I felt pressure to grab the shot whilst I could. After two frames I began to realise I really wanted to consider where I placed him as I liked him in situ but equally needed a more aesthetic option. As I loaded my film in a mad hurry our moment was broken by his boss’s approach…busted. He was working, I had to leave… I charmed and grovelled to no avail…next time I will remember not to feel bullied by time and the fear of the one that got away…