Crocodile tears…

1st November 2012

Image of the week comes from a previous story of the children I encountered on a train home. The eldest boy Alex was a gem to photograph but my initial priority was to photograph Nicolas, the youngest child previously featured.

His wild curly locks and piercing blue eyes were instantly a winner… however Nicolas was not game…

I wanted to include these frames as well as the older post as it is a memory of absolute despair. It is often my role to problem solve, persuade and overcome challenges… On that Sunday I was beaten well and truly by a toddler.

The unpredictable ups and downs of his mood were still present but this for me was the toughest moment. I felt cruel inflicting my picture taking on a clearly uninterested child and in the end I placed my camera away from Nicolas and lay next to him on the grass trying desperately to console him…. in a strange way I envied and respected his emotional openness …perhaps next time I get a parking ticket I’ll lay on the curb and cry….

Thankfully I slept that night knowing that once the plastic ball was introduced and nagging to be kicked, little Nicolas’s smile returned…. I hope I can persuade him next time after a nap.. OAO x