Baggy trousers

2nd March 2017

So so close…but I usually opt for rest rather than post when my eyes are falling.

“Where would you like to shoot? It needs to be in London and have a relevance to Brexit.

The mind races…everywhere has a relevance.

I google the boroughs that voted to leave in London. There are four: To it is!

Samira flies over and herself and her suitcases of clothing pile into my weeny Kia. As we cruise to Dagenham we formulate a game plan. Ideally we are looking for first time voters. First stop , the colleges . As expected we receive the full on high vis security treatment after 10 mins of loitering. Fair play. Bus stops and curb crawling next. We manage to flag down a few teens and quickly realize that the day has flown by and light is fading. Having just returned back from the sunny Texas light I realize London at 3 pm is dark as a cave.

They flake one by one. Our last option is the only boy we spotted. With only girls clothing we are hesitant but Ryan’s white hair seem like a top option in this fading light and we manage to pull out a CK silver bomber jacket that makes him shine. I call it a day and say that rather than waste too much of his time we will shoot a few frames but return tomorrow…another paid modelling gig..sure hes up for it …one happy 18 year old returns home.

He’s not picking up? This is so odd. He seemed fine this morning to meet at 11..where is he? Why has he got cold feet. Rhiannon and I are concerned and prepare ourselves for a repeat day of street casting before shooting.


“Ryan! I thought you’d bailed”

“Sorry the police stopped us. Im here, where are you?”

His baby face coyly greets us and explains that they were questioned for no reason and that this is a common occurrence. We shrug and drive on to our first spot. We leave Ryan to change in the car and return to find him drowning in a pair of jeans. He holds them up like clown trousers and we giggle as we manage to keep them afloat with a belt.

After switching to a few locations, one swimming with odd junk including fridges we decide the greenery was our best shout.

The sun disappears and the fleeting window of light we had vanishes. We drop Ryan off ,as he departs , he gleams and asks if he can model again. I reassure him that he would be an asset to any project, great hair, great attitude and a calm vibe.