Stolen by rosé

10th July 2016

In true Arles style I abandoned my blogging and destroyed my liver. Now aboard the Eurostar I wearily type and post two images for my sins.

Another two from my fleeting Albanian reccy. I’m eager to squeeze in another trip back but will have to see what the diary allows. In the mean time I’ve decided the palette lends itself to a second chapter amongst my folk tale exploration.

The stunning spring, almost summer light illuminated the vibrancy of the countryside and provided the refreshment I needed. Reviewing the images back, like my first trip to Romania, they are snippets of moments, diary entries and curious viewings.

Shooting the project mostly on expired film has produced some unexpected ‘mistakes’, which I totally embrace. This first shot is from one my strolls around the village where ‘the arrest’ image was shot. (Previous post). Even if this film was fresh the mistake easily could have occurred and rather than crop it I felt compelled to keep the shortened frame as is.

It was only this evening I realised I must have lost a few rolls as I recall the school yard and how I haven’t seen the images I shot there, odd


The second image is one I regretted taking as soon as I had pressed the shutter.

Often accused and aware of placing my subject central I need to challenge this. It feels so natural with a square format to symmetrically build my environment around the subject. I often do it when I’m rushed and in this case I was. Looking for other visuals to balance my frame I saw nothing and wanted to capture the moment this young hunter had retrieved his prey. He and a friend danced between the rocks and gracefully meandered the rapids as I snapped from a distance.

The whippets often disappeared behind scrubs or blocks of larger stone so when one of the climbed the bridge to cross over I hastily shot from closer range. He seemed contently un offended or bothered by me and carried on. My invisible cloak useful I guess, as he had no time or interest in posing.

After this moment his angelic face smiled to me as he floated back down to join his companion and make fishing look fun.

Oao x