Don’t play

2nd August 2018

Sometimes it’s the ticking of the clock, the lack of any available light or the bleak, pokey cooperate office space. This time my challenge was to keep it simple, not be too creative or daring and take a clean, bright portrait. Above all, avoid the colour grey.

Anyone who has visited the Tanks in the TATE knows all too well that grey is very much the overwhelming palette. I began to panic but knew that my recce period was essential prep to trial and error before the stopwatch of 15 minutes was ignited.

I narrowed my options down to the only spaces with daylight and decided that if William was game I’d sneak in a creative option at the end. I need to play, always.

“Where would you like to be catching a flight to?” I asked him curiously as we discussed travel. “What is this, an interview? “. I was silenced.

When the buzzer rang I asked if I could do two frames on film as a personal option to finish. “Sure “ he smiled. I explained I would be working into the neg in a sketchy way to reference his personal style and asked his permission. “It’s your picture, do what you like,” He said before popping his hat on and heading onto the next shoot.