The long drive to school

30th July 2018

Hmmm Two and a half hours. My foot remains planted to the ground as I plummet at a consistent 120. Either time in Georgia moves quickly or the management of it is skewed.

Five and a half hours later we lurch towards a school gate. I am exhausted.

The gym and corridors have so far escaped the taint of a brush and some plywood and remain soaked in character.

The students wait patiently and any hint of nerves are well disguised beneath a veil of stoic confidence. Sporadically they are ushered in to take their exams and I head off to receive a guided tour of any unlocked classrooms. I peer through the keyhole to the science lab and instantly regret the tease as we are informed there isn’t a key to unlock it.

These girls patiently waited after their exams and bashfully followed us into the old canteen. They stood faintly whispering and giggling to each other whilst I loaded my film…oao x