Adventures near and far

16th August 2018

Last week flew me by so I bring you two images of two very different adventures. The first image is from my Georgian trip in June.

On our return the next day I fantasize about rain and dramatic scenes before the clouds do indeed begin to dance over us. We arrive and the air is thick.

I need to stretch my legs; whether this is ‘our place’ or not I need to explore. The kids playing basketball on the adjacent side might be fun and inspire some creativity. A tiny boy belly dances on the steps as his brother beats a bucket like a drum. Perfect. They freeze as we walk over suddenly recoiling into their shells and run away to the flats. Damn.

A mother sees we need some assistance and tries to rally the troops. They are more interested in basketball than adults. I gesture for the ball, confused they pass it. I drop my cameras and weave through them and shoot. They giggle – I have them! We shoot hoops for half an hour, squealing with delight and high fives. Now we can take pictures.

We head over to a spot. I let them run free. Their creativity fills the scene and I shoot.

The second a fleeting trip to Scotland. I broke my foot and restless beyond words I decided to embark on a hunt for snow topped mountains and tame deer. A corner I passed each day promised a stunning view but hiking off limits I was bound to attempt parking the beastly automatic in a safe spot. I often found myself at this one but something felt missing until I saw these two walkers. I stared with envy wishing I were down there hiking too, encompassed by the mammoth rocks.