Snakes on a plane

15th March 2019

I’m typing this as I relish in the delights of Easy Jet cattle cargo. The smell of cheese toasties circulates this tiny vessel as I discover new yoga positions to sleep in. I ve needed a pee for 2 hours but I feel like allocating myself 2 toilet trips per six hour flight is about decent for a window seat passenger; plus the gent on the end has had his mouth agape snoring for the entire flight.

After having some distance from the Multistory trip is refreshing to look through the film and my intentions of shooting more at night seem to be gradually progressing but still failing. However a new location really provided some gorgeous tones. An unexpected new character also joined.

Josh and Sammy have been dating only a few months but you can tell they are smitten. Sammy and I first met in October and she was keen and helpful from the word go. I’m lucky to have spent a few times hanging out with her now and her and Meegan keep me entertained and optimistic. They are reliable apart from when they are grounded and they remind me of when I used to hang out with Shay years ago at university.


Oh wait …Ailse guy is getting up to pee…brb


After discovering Josh kept snakes I made it a mission to photograph them. I’m not actually sure if I’m scared of them, as I’ve never really considered it. After some dedicated persuasion Josh invited me in to meet mum, the puppies and the snakes.  Sammy held one will Josh untangled the other two. They were skinnier than I predicted but bloody long. The coiled around his arms with a sense of familiarity and I dived deep into my viewfinder trying to ignore the strong red décor (I hate red in photos).  I yelped and shuddered as I felt something tickle my arm. The snake Sammy was holding peered back at me. Yes, not a massive snake fan. The strangest moment for me was when we headed outside and I shot this. Minutes later what looked like a cracked egg yoke appeared beneath the snakes. Until that moment I had no concept of snake poo.