It’s been a BLAST

7th March 2019

Missed a week so here’s two. I’m delighted to say I finally jetted off for the first time in ages. As I climb into bed I catch sight of the red string around my wrist . A sneaky boy in the old city today plunged towards my arm and tied it effortlessly before I could comprehend the situation. His little paw lay outstretched for his five shekels .

I ‘ve shot nothing yet but being here has totally lifted my spirits. I’ve been treated to some wonderful conversations and experiences and don’t want to leave. Soon though Ill be back to work on my edit for Multistory.for BLAST festival which I’m really looking forward to

A few days before I flew I took a final visit to Brum to meet my regular contacts and also hoped to find a few more. Every time I announce I only have one trip left I feel so sad . Those I ve met and photographed have been such great company and have embraced me with relaxed and enthused kindness . From silly string to pigeon catching it’s been a blast. I’m pretty sure Ill be back…oao