Seeing double

30th September 2016

Past the hour but does it count?


These past two weeks have been a beautiful contrast. From roaming the Danube and being bitten by wild dogs jumping on a Eurostar to cut shapes with friends, see some great art and explore Amsterdam. I’ve landed back in the smoke and browsing through my edit from a fleeting trip to Romania.

I’m excited to show the work on the 21st at Francesca Maffeo Gallery and sifting through some of the negs has been revealing and enlightening. With any project the destination is never the agenda, only the journey, so making sense of it can often be gruelling. I’ve always shot out of instinct. Despite enjoying the research and reading I really enjoy simply immersing myself in the itself.

These two images are from my last trip. The Danube surprised me. I try with each visit to head without expectations but after reading similar reviews I was expecting bustling wildlife and a luscious nature filled trip. Instead it was raw and isolated. Each place was a ghost town and the Danube itself indifferent. It’s true I didn’t explore it all but what definitely interested me more were the ports and wilder eerie villages. Everyone was a neighbour .

After a fun filled night I’ll keep this short and promise to reveal more stories next week, but here are two for my sins with captions …bonne nuit OAO x