Double Koala parks

15th September 2016

Bumper post for a crap attempt at writing one last Thursday. I started and abandoned it when my head kept jogging in tiredness.

Strangers are easiest to shoot. You can unravel them rather than battle with what you know and what you don’t.

Morgan and I spontaneously met on a balmy eve in Dalston. From opposite sides of the globe two very different photographers took a stroll. What I love about walking with other photographers is the transparent insight you give into each other’s curiosity. Sentences will be left dangling as one of you strolls off silently, hypnotised by a scene, a person or a building; no apology or explanation is needed. The magnetic pull is a mutual appreciation and a joy to watch.

A fine example of this:

As we excited the station at Tilbury deep in conversation I stopped suddenly and cried “BEAR!’

Rhiannon somewhat confused looked at me like I was either going mad or wondered if we were about to be attacked by a wild animal in Essex.

“What? Where? What?”

“Bear man!” I said before wandering off in a zombie like state to cross the road. Spotting him Rhiannon jogged beside me laughing.

The ten-foot bear, a tall, tattooed beefy looking chap locking his sports car. Awkwardly battling with the beast he attempted to squeeze it into the dainty passenger seat. We managed to stop him in time, ask a few obvious questions and of course take their portrait.

After hanging out in the post office for some respite from the heat we eventually conquered the sun-drenched suburban streets. Two young girls and a boy with a broken arm slurped fluorescent blue slushies and strolled passed us. We asked if we could take their picture and headed for the park. As the young boy excitedly recounted the fine details of his injury the girls recoiled and squirmed. They were blue tonged and chatty. Asking for some Tilbury tips they exclaimed a highlight was the koala park nearby.

“A park for koalas in Essex?” exclaimed Rhiannon, both excited and confused in equal measure.

“No, no it’s made for koalas but for humans to use.”

“Ohhh right…I…um see…” – We both glanced at each other and exchanged a baffled nod.

After more Koala talk we bid the friendly threesome farewell in search of said park….oao x