12th April 2018

“Where are the flowers?”

I raise my eyebrows waiting for him to answer his own question.

The wagon door slides open and he darts back to the cafe, returning with a bunch of dire looking petrol station tulips.

The ride down to the coast makes me daydream back to my childhood car journeys shared with my sister. The time passes quickly with chuckles and beautifully childish observations. Liam and I have been planning this shoot for months and I’ve grown fond of his demeanor. We arrive to a picturesque scene painted in golden sunlight. We clamber out to test the scene and try some shots and then head down to the sea. The light is an absolute bitch and the wind isn’t helping.

Joanna arrives to find Liam with a plastic bag over his face and dressed in a dapper cream suit. She smiles and delves out hand warmers as the chill begins to bite.

Heroically Liam tip toes into the sea as we stare on through a hole in the layers around our faces. It. Is. Cold. His pink sea shoes comically scream from beneath his suit (to be shown another time).
The light continues to mock us.

We time our final shots with absolute precision to catch the luminous orange sunset before diving back into the van to seek out the last of the whisky and stray hand warmers.

Oao x