Gentle strangers

30th March 2018

The ice is numbing my foot as I stare annoyed at the persistent drizzly backdrop of a sky. Pathetic fallacy. Imprisoned, I am so still. Pigeon (my cat) occasionally darts through my open window to remind me she has more to report at the end of her day than I do.

Transporting my mind back to a few weeks ago helps revive a sense of freedom. So many people I’ve spoken with seem to be running away to Scotland at the moment. Any talk of travel makes my ears prick with envy.

This post reminds me of the boys I met and grew fond of. I passed them most days and stopped for a chat. On my last goodbye we were interrupted by a crowd of garrulous visitors laden with bags of Rich Tea biscuits. I had no chance of stealing any attention. One scent of the biscuits and I was dismissed.

With empty wrappers and no crumbs left to bribe some interaction they jumped back in their cars giddy with joy. The deer huddled around me looking for signs of food. I held my hands out in surrender and my favorite one nestled into my back and began to chew my hood. I gave him a stroke and said my farewells.

Best company I ‘ve had in ages… OAO x