Italian games

29th December 2016

Before I tuck myself in for the night I’ll throw a few frames from Italy your way.

The sun was intense as we targeted a local village about an hour from base. I strolled the two main ‘high streets’ expecting to find little inspiration until I saw a large hall with a cafe inside.

I stepped in for a cold drink and some respite from the heat and spotted Sophia who was helping me with translating. The bar was laden with locals and I soon discovered a labyrinth of other rooms. The back room entertained a group of elderly men huddled around playing cards. The screeching of chairs and muttered banter filled the room as the men shuffled from one table to another, waving cards and gossiping loudly.

This charming gent kindly gave Sophia and myself some time for a chat and a portrait. With sleepy eyes Ill leave you to imagine the lively chat we had….oao x