All for nuthin

6th January 2017

“Who’s idea was it to come to Texas anyway?”

I avoid the question.

21 days and over 2000 miles later I still don’t know the answer. The working title of our trip ‘All for nuthin’ gained a stronger relevance as the days passed. Nevertheless, the true value of any trip is the adventure. “Something will always happen” seems to be echoing in my head at the moment.

In some ways it was a disappointment; especially reflected in how little I shot. I have to remind myself that these exercises are there to challenge my practice, train my eyes, push my patience and expand my mind. Despite the frustration, I was doing what I love most; urban hiking in a foreign land with the sun on face. I rambled, talked to strangers and hunted beyond the banal.

As I paddle my way through January I have managed to form some kind of edit from the mere few rolls I shot.

Here were the most frequent scenarios:

1 The light was perfect but there was nothing to shoot
2 The scene was perfect but there were no people about
3 It was too bright
4 It was too dark
5 It was boring beyond saving
6 It was a stereotype

The relentless empty wanderings could only be cured by:

1 Great coffee
2 Great conversations

I shall leave you with theses images (two for my late post) and promise that more Texas tales shall follow soon OAO x