Notes from a mission

5th May 2019

The couple to my left are arguing over a game of cards. I disliked them as soon as I noticed them taking plane selfies and he’s wearing ankle socks. After 15 minutes of non stop whiny rowing the blonde asks the air host for 2 vodka cranberries…

Im on the first haul of my epic mission home. I ve decided to break it up with an 8 hour stop over, ill see how that works out for me!

It’s been a wild trip, I ve learnt loads and found my own little Cracker in Tas which is odd.

They’ve gone for 2 drinks each… wine and spirits and cunningly sussed out a way to guzzle with haste between them to order more. They smooch in between and the slapping of wet lips forces me to check out what entertainment is on offer.

I was tempted to extend my stay in Tasmania but quickly reminded that Photo London is just around the corner and I’m delighted to have a solo show at the Geffyre Museum. There’s a still lot to do!

I’ve had the blessing of an amazing team who have trawled through my negatives and got the scans going at the always patient and miracle workers @Artfuldodgers. Massive shout out to Jaz, Chiara , Sandra and my gallery FrancesscaMaffeo- my amazing crew! THANK YOU!!

Three limited edition new images will be on show. Whilst going through over 600 images posted on my blog since it’s birth we arrived on one from this shoot. I thought I would share an out-take of another frame that as you can tell is very different. I’ve been experimenting with a process and this was a shot notusing it. It’s incredible to see the difference.

This was from a fleeting trip to a seaside town… Margate maybe? I was with a girl called @JadeJackman who is currently smashing it in the moving image world. She wanted to see how I worked and vice versa and we decided to hit the coast with no expectations other than to learn and explore.  

This young girl was full of gusto and spoke openly at great speed as explained in the original post. What struck me was the grace of her dress and the way she seemed so at home in the water, like a mermaid.  Often when I look at young subjects I propel my imagination forward 20, 30,40 years time and wonder who they will be. Unpredictable souls make the most mysterious subjects and with the metamorphosis of adolescence it’s interesting to just imagine. 

So please join David Campany and I as we invite you to a beautiful breakfast at the Geffrye museum on Fri 17th

(It’s sold out but register for the waiting list if you’re keen)

The show will be open Thursday to Sun so if you fancy something a little more East then please do swing by Joao x