Late from the future

19th April 2019

I finally made it to Tas! It’s taken a week of reclaiming my fuzzy brain and I thought I would share a diary entry from my time on the Cracker project. I’m not allowed to yet share the image to accompany this but will do as soon as I can. Instead I thought I would post an image from my Texas road trip a few years back as it seems so relevant to the strolling I’m doing here…strolling and exploring.

BLAST festival isn’t far off now so we are gathering all of the material and I’ve been trawling through my sketchbooks –

“Do you want a dog?” Josh says through wincing stoned eyes- like watermelon pips. His stained teeth grin up at my confused response.

“Huh?” I say trying to figure out if this is code for a joint

He repeats a little louder as I pause from shooting Jack (his black bloody eye poking through his hoody)

Sammy steps in to explain she has a horse of a dog.

“Sure why not ” I shrug. They skip off to retrieve the hound.

As they mount the hill towards us the dog is leading with gusto, dragging Sammy’s brother who is again spotting a matching Nike sweatshirt to his sister. As they draw closer it becomes apparent how giant this beast is.

Josh and Sammy attempt to roll a spliff as Tye slobbers and jumps on them excitedly.

“Toe!” Becky yelps trying to get the dog to face me for the pictures. The group giggle and mock her mistaken pronunciation.

The dog ecstatically drags it’s crutch on the soaked grass.

Play fighting and necking Sammy and Josh roll amongst the lawn and somehow we get onto the subject of Josh’s pet snakes…oao x