True love

10th October 2014


It seems the Immacon has been a busy boy so I ve had to wait until today to post as it was earliest I could scan this very old neg. It’s from a trip I took to South Africa about 8 years ago with my family. Looking back makes me want to revisit the gorgeous light and beautiful mist.

These two love birds are the most romantic couple I have ever met. Auntie Barbara and Uncle Geoff met when they were at school ( 13 years old I think?) . As Auntie Barbara used to wistfully recall ,Uncle Geoff offered her a ride home on the back of his bike. 60 years later and they are still together and very much in love. With the recent wedding bells of close friends , these two are a beautiful reminder that true love lasts.

The second image is from the recent return to dino land with Hin.. The quality is different and has urged me to experiment more with slide film…hmmm…why not…oao x