2nd October 2014

I don’t usually post a commission but thought I would share a recent shoot with Tracey Emin for the Observer magazine.
Having access into an artists studio feels intrusive. It is like walking into their most intimate creative space, a nest where they reside to release their inner thoughts and feel safe. Paula Rego’s world is a memory I will treasure forever and her personality  was incredible.

It is always a little strange walking into a subjects’ personal space but most are very understanding, treat you like a guest and make you a cuppa.  The team at Tracey’s studio were lovely and allowed us set up time to keep the shoot swift. I ve met Tracey a few times and as ever, I found it incredibly frustrating that I couldn’t talk to her and connect as I was too busy worrying about squeezing 5 set ups into 30 mins ( actually 22 in the end). She came across as intelligent, strong and confident…but then I guess how well can you make a judgement on someone in 22 minutes? I hope I bump into her again soon as after seeing the studio I could nt help but leave feeling like I wanted to sit in a room alone and sketch for a while.

….oao xx