And a beast that dies young

24th April 2015



She slacks again… oh dear.. 2 images and something new..

I m adding a new part to my website. You may have spotted the little title ‘Mayfly’ subtly balancing on the end of my menu bar. It’s a bit of fun and a nod to the beauty of fate and chance. I will sporadically be showing an image for only 15 minutes universally then it will disappear. Each time the 15 minutes will be for everyone so if you miss it between 12- 12.15pm for example, that’s it, it will be gone. I’m fond of the idea of a moment being savoured, appreciated and respected. We rarely value the ‘now’ and it’s something I’m trying to do more of. Mayfly will begin any fleeting moment, but in the mean time here’s a short statement soon to be published:
Did you see that?

A fleeting moment, a precious sight and a window of opportunity

The moments I decide to capture can be a private and fleeting experience. I am blessed to witness and create them and value the inner dialogue that often flows as a result. I want to share this unique feeling with you; of witnessing something emotionally engaging and being one of only a few who do.

Often I am held ransom to capturing a moment before it is gone, other times my role is to wait and select the frame. At times I orchestrate, sometimes I observe. These images are a combination of both. Like a mayfly their life span is fleeting. The window of 15 minutes is a universal one. So if you can see an image; you are in the right place, at the right time. If not, please wait patiently for the next irregular happening…

so…watch this space.

The first image is from one of my recent Romanian visits. I’m finding that each trip provides on average of 1/2 usable images and in the mean time a lot of ‘broken frames’ that wont make the edit. The experiences alone are enough to reel me back in with motivation and sometimes these unsuccessful shots lead me to what I’m really hunting. This one is from a site I showed previously in the Roma part of Baia Mare and I hear it’s soon to be torn down. The shoot was intense and all of us were on the brink of breaking point when the chaos refused to subside. The place was wild with furry and it was incredibly frustrating and near impossible to connect with people.

Another image is from one of the Polaroids that slipped from my sketchbook. These are becoming more of an emotional response to my visits…a pathetic fallacy. The landscapes often reflect how alien it sometimes feels to be roaming and although this one doesn’t quite work for me the colours and isolated house remind me of how I felt when I took it…a little lost.