This time without moaning

2nd April 2020

I drafted a post venting to this vacuum about an inescapable feeling of deflation.
Then I realised that moaning is boring.
So I’ll distract us all and take us far far away.

Photography has the magical superpower to transport us back in time and whisk us to wondrous locations. So climb aboard…

With the brutal English weather settling in I was eager to escape London in February . Long haul flights aren’t my strong point but I was ecstatic about returning to Africa. With an entire boxset downloaded and feeling fizzy with excitement I boarded the plane to Mozambique.
The unpredictable nature of my work is what keeps me energised. One phone call can dictate a new journey or challenge. I was off to meet two local water heroes who had been working within their communities to educate on sanitation and climate change. This was also an opportunity to flex my video skills and see if all the training had sunk in.

Once tucked into my 1980’s hotel room I checked the weather …ohhh dear…I had brought London with me. The next 5 days forecast was heavy rain and thunderstorms. This brought many challenges but with each day a silver lining appeared. In fact I soon realised that the light was on my side this way.

This moment was from when we visited Henrique’s town. The rain had flooded may of the houses and people were becoming desperate. With relentless rainfall we walked past people with their heads hung low clearly fed up with the onslaught of mud and water. I found my spot where I wanted to take a portrait and as we approached I saw this scene.

The children seemed so small and unaffected by the rain. They waded through the water playfully and seemed oblivious to the disastrous surroundings.

The second image brings back great memories of my final morning of the trip. I’ve posted two images from it before but wanted to share one more because looking at it cheers me up. After a stressful few hours I squeezed in a mini adventure to a local village and felt like I was in a dream. A haze covered each dusty street and the beating sun was filling me up. It was a perfect stroll and I felt a constant grin on my face. I knew I wouldn’t be able to capture this moment so I opted for a few double exposures to spark some nostalgia once I returned.

Stay safe, wipe your bum, wash your hands and let’s escape this shite together OAO x