Take my hand

9th April 2020

There have been so many conversations on how we can all be innovative during lockdown .The reminder that so much original art has emerged from depression, limitation and isolation is overwhelming. I can’t help but feel a huge pressure to utilise the time gratefully and be creative but eventually seem to just roll over and slump in submission.

Most of my work is born from exploration and planning so actually apart from travel I’m not as limited as I feel. This creative block feels manifested from a false sense of restriction.
So what is the answer? The one I have found for now is to reach out. Instead of isolating myself further I feel more connected than ever. Daily I have conversations that are inspiring me, making me laugh or just simply reminding me to be grateful. As one of the most impatient animals on the planet the pace is driving me wild and occasionally my anxiety kicks in. The never ending to do list continues but seems filled with admin rather than exciting missions. So for now, lets stay connected whilst in isolation and inspire each other.OAO x