Looking back to feel better

31st October 2019

I’ve been absolutely ridden with awful luck lately. However now reunited with my luggage (one small feat) I have committed to turn my attention towards gratitude and positive thoughts.

In need of some interior design advice I reached out to Kurt who joined Sian and I on our road trip to Queenstown. What a guy! Kurt has the ability to put a smile on my face in any situation; especially if I’m in a damp hotel room with red wine lips.

Throughout our adventure we gravitated towards strangers instinctively and followed our noses.

Nearing the entrance to LINDA we pulled into a small patch of houses that seemed to adorn some ‘unusual’ features. I recall one front garden sporting a mini crazy golf course.
The place was deserted apart from 2 young girls on bikes sporting helmets that appeared to be super glued to their heads.

The sisters spoke of obscure small town life with worrying naivety; best friends trapped in a tiny fish bowl. Having just taken a wonderful holiday with my sister I can say that the connection between siblings is unmatchable. I feel blessed to have shared a womb with such a special human and seeing how these two girls interacted reminded me how unique that bond is, wherever you are in the world.