Another TIME , another light

14th February 2014

Dusk is settling and the warm Calafornia air promises a beautiful sunset. With a miniscule window of prescious light Cris-ian and I know that our chosen location needs to be an epic vision. I have a vivid  idea of what would be a suitable backdrop but as we race around various national parks whilst googling more locations we are aware that time is on our back. We have an hour until the sunset begins. A decision needs to be made. Exhausting our options and aware that scouting time is now up I settle on a small orange grove park I spot whilst we hoon it along the bypass. We call our subject Sebastian and I dance around framing possible angles whilst we wait for him to arrive.

He pulls up in his dad’s car and I realize taming the shiny beast into the frame does the scene no justice. The compositions aren’t working and the light is less epic that I predicted. We are too hidden by the mountains and any shimmer of an idyllic sunset is drifting away with haste. It was a mistake to choose a spot so low but regret will get us knowhere. We have kit but no time to set it up and being an organic light user I avoid anything with a bulb. However we decide to go miniamilist. By mixing a flourecent torch and the warm orange glow of the sleepy sun we shoot until it disappears.

The whole trip to LA was such a thrill and one I wish would return. I imagine a hot climate would cheer me up so I best start saving my pennies and hope I can run away soon..OAO