I have internet! what day is it?

21st February 2014

I’ve lost track of time and only just realized its Friday…grrr..as I am finally away all i can post is what I have with me. This is an old scan from my days back at Newport ( teaching last year). I managed to squeeze in an adventure to Port talbot. The journey was a joke of a disaster as the train broke down meters from the platform and was then held delayed for over an hour and a half. As light began to fade on an already dark winters day I calmed my angst and frustration as much as I could. Once free I decided to leap on any opportunity that arose

The streets were like a ghost town , until two kids with yapping dogs sprung out of a corner shop. I procrastinated wondering whether to approach them and then opted for the “why not” decision .

We talked and their innocence was adorable. The young boy named Stefan asked me if I knew everyone in London.  I confessed I knew a few people. He asked if I knew his brothers friend William Richards who is 16 and has brown hair… alas I didn’t .

I suggested they walk me to their Auntie’s house and we shot a few frames along the way, although the dogs were nt very good at sitting still. After feeling I had tested their patience we strolled to the house. The greeting was …slightly aggressive and their Aunt was definitely not interested in meeting me. I decided to say my goodbyes before leaving them with my details and thanking them for their help…

Port talbot had character, I’d like to return one day , OAO xx