The unlost roll

10th January 2019

It took me over a decade to shoot Rach but she was an effortless muse and I kicked myself for wasting time. My favourite kind of interactions are often silent. The serene calm of the moment; like crawling beneath the duvet on a lazy Sunday to make the world disappear.

Rachel now lives in Berlin so I have less of an opportunity to collaborate with her so recently on her Christmas hop over I booked her in for a shoot. We pranced around the concrete Southbank jungle and headed towards the Tate Modern. The sun was bleedingly bright which put us in a great mood. I knew when taking the shots they weren’t doing her justice but it was fun to play. After our farewell glass of vino we promised to reunite sooner than next Christmas.

” Hey girl how are the shots?”

Feeling sorry for myself in a hellhole in Brum I replied that I would check when I was home, as I couldn’t recall seeing the films. I always dump my shot rolls in the same tin and I recall it being empty when I left.
I returned and tipped my room upside down realizing I had also lost the roll of David. Where were they?
Cracking on with London life I waited as Artful Dodgers lab beavered away at processing the film from the last 4 days in Birmingham.

As I downloaded the files Rachel’s face popped up! All that time wasted for something that was never lost. I was disappointed in the shots and secretly wished they had been lost…still the memory of a great reunion can’t be undone…oao x