Take me back

25th January 2019

I was thinking about Istanbul today. As the chill sets in I’m lamenting for the sun on my face and the smell of a foreign land.

Unfortunately the ruthless skies decided to spoil my plan to roam Istanbul for the first two days. The cobbled streets soon resembled waterfalls and my clothes clung on to me like a second skin.
The day before we flew to Cappadocia the sun treated us and we aimed for an area a little further out. The bus dropped us off in a quieter suburban street far from the tourists; the pace had dropped and the mood was authentic. As we meandered the streets on the hunt for coffee and the unknown we walked past a games club. I poked my head in and asked to watch the game. Smiles and permission responded and I shot a few frames, feeling very present.

The second image (for my crapness last week) was when we ventured out on the motorbike and explored Cappadocia a few days later.

I need an adventure… my feet are more than itchy OAO x