Whilst we wait

22nd June 2020

Three days into my Mozambique trip the torrential rain tenaciously hammered down. However, I soon learned that this weather was favourable for shooting. The sacred breaks in the storm. The heavy clouds deviously looming over a lush earthy scene met with a shimmer of golden light is much easier than a relentless beating sun.

Henrique arranged to meet us at 11 am. We pulled up with a curtain of rain on the windshield blocking our view of the devilish path.
His phone was off.
We waited for another 6 hours.
Anyone that knows me will easily describe one of my main character traits as impatient. I roamed in the rain to distract my frustration and tried to remain productive and curious. The mud was the enemy of this small village and the rain an accomplice. Houses were flooded and the marooned families peered out in despair.

Eventually he arrived and charmed us with a smile that could melt butter. My frustration washed away and we shot in the window of light we had left…. A mere few minutes.

As the dark set in we clambered into the truck parked outside the small hut we referenced as ‘The bar’. The tap of raindrops aided the blaring speakers to an uplifting rhythm. We waved farewell and navigated the slurry-laden roads.
This post is a continuation from another one a few weeks ago when this image could not be published.