2nd July 2020

His handlebars swung from side to side as he came into view over the dry grass of topside with speed. His head bowed, the white peak of his hat like a swan underwater. As he approached he stood up, leaning back with pride and I noticed the pregnant bulge of his jacket.

“Wanna see sumthin miss?”
“This is pure grade shit”

Like a true salesman he unzipped his jacket spilling out a bag full of homegrown. The smell hit me before I even saw it. A crowd gathered and I saw some of the younger boys from the corner of my eye edge away nervously.

I liked Dwight; despite his cheeky rascal vibe he had a kind and warm soul.
He took me in as a stranger and supported my endeavour. In the tiny window I met him I felt a relaxed kinship; he was fun and intrigued me. A young man so part of the land that I couldn’t place him elsewhere.
As he breathed in the scent of a stem below his nostrils he sighed with a goofy smile.

I really miss the short-lived adventure. I merely dipped my toe in for a few days and only wish I could return and see what has changed…oao x