What TIME is it?

29th August 2015



It feels cruel to be thrown 5 hours behind everyone in London..have I gained time or lost it?
This image is from a 24hr shoot, I wont post too much as there is a longer tale to tell..

Some assignments arrive to test us, challenge our ability and make us sweat. This was one of them. When an editor of TIME Inc. contacted me and explained she was assigning 3 photographers to shoot ’24 hrs in London’ and my ears pricked.  Any experiment involving a camera will provoke my interest and this one I knew would be particularly tough.

It’s an understatement to say I love to sleep (I once actually listed ‘sleeping’ as a hobby at primary school.)

The itinerary took me across the big smoke and it was wonderful to see a city I ve grown up in for 30 years in a completely different way. Exploring hours I rarely see and people I would never normally encounter. This image was from one of my favourite parts of the shoot; swimming at The Serpentine at 630 am…. more tales to come.

My eyelids are heavy..Bonne nuit