The Bungalows

6th August 2015

This weeks’ post is being written from my blissful (but chilly – I cant find the air con button) hotel room in Manchester. Despite living out of suitcase at the moment I’m itching to get back to Romania, as time seems to be floating by which is driving me nuts.
This week’s image is another one from the Hackney shoot for the BBC. I ve written a little text to give the whole shoot some context and I’ll be chucking them on my site soon. One thing the shoot really reminded me of was how when you’re a teenager and school finishes you head to specific meeting points that quickly adopt affectionate shorthand, ‘The rec’, ‘the alleyway’, ‘The sheds’.

When asking my group where they usually hung out after school they reeled off a list of spots but the one that jumped out to me was  ‘The bungalows’. I was directed to the round about location and headed down alone. Unexpectedly this really was a secret cove. A discreet entrance off a residential street marked with a small sign lead to a backyard of garages behind a house. Unless you were specifically eagle-eyed and searching The bungalows was an un-trodden den. I was impressed they had found such an unusual base and this is where I shot this image.

I best get some shut eye and find that bloody button…OAO x