The road

3rd December 2020

I was talking to a friend today and drifted into a monologue of how I miss that yearning excitement to capture a moment. On one of my first trips in Romania I yelped at a friend to immediately stop the car. Before it had fully braked I had ducked and rolled onto the grass and began running up the hill like a wild dog , my camera swinging and hitting my hip in rhythm .

I felt like a child chasing an escaping balloon as I followed the two figures in the distance; a mother and son both dressed in red. I recall the joy of imagining what the image might look like if I could frame it with precision.
They sunk beneath the summit and out of view as I continued to run towards the peak of the hill. I was excited to see what the other side held. I was too late. They were now small dots among the cows grazing, the fluffy purple sky no longer a backdrop. I shot anyway, panting and giddy.

With darkness looming most days and any sign of sun hitting bed at 3 pm I’m struggling to feel the urge to chase anything. But for now, I am remembering that I need to be patient and dream of discovering that moment and feeling again one day .

This image was shot on the amazing week I spent before lockdown in Israel. On the road to Ein Gehdi, we left out for a walk to face the harsh sun and play with shadows. oao x