Strolling years ago

26th December 2020

That precarious balance on a chair as I lift the box of old Lacie hard drives from my cupboard to search for one image I shot back in 2011…I knew it was going to be a long day.

Drifting into the depths of archives can bring out some dusty forgotten scans and bizarre folder names. As the wind howls outside it seems fitting to select this is image is from a stroll a few years ago . A freak blizzard hit and I tenaciously headed out on crutches in the snow.

I felt like Bambi as I skidded the pavements of Stamford Hill somehow swinging a camera around my neck. This is on one of my favourite local nooks to explore. It takes me back in time and the interminable bustle of shoppers seems out of place on a tucked away residential street.

I stood for as long as my circulation allowed and people watched.  It must have been a Saturday as the shops were closed and the usual flow of rushed patrons were absent.

I think this was the only frame I shot and I had totally forgotten about it until yesterday .

I hope however you are spending this festive period you do so with love , optimism and kindness. Stay safe out there