New darkness

11th July 2019

One thing that I aim for with any new project is to learn a new technique and push my practice. This usually results in failure but it keeps me on my toes. When shooting the cracker I wanted my images to be a little more dynamic, to capture stillness amongst the storm. I began trying to dance with the elements within my frame and click the shutter like a riffle.

Another idea I wanted to persue was shooting at night. I started looking at all the different sources naturally available and it soon became clear that my favorite was fire mixed with the glow of a phone. Sparklers were up there too.

These shoots were a balance of interaction, not too much production and timing. Too late at night and the harsh shadows would be isolating, too early and the night sky would disappear.

One of my favorite locations to shoot at was Sheepwash. The epic nature reserve is a vast affinity of land.The height compliments the feeling of remoteness and it was the perfect spot to safely build a bonfire .

It was now winter, days were short and any warmth was a blessing. Loaded with Sports Direct hand warmers we marched up to the top point of Sheepwash. Soon a fire was blazing and we cracked open some marshmallows and began to gossip.

This image of Tish drives me mad as all I wanted was an expression but it also makes me laugh as I recall her squealing with joy as she ran towards us with an empty sparkler ready to load with more marshmallows