A beautiful commission

1st May 2013


March brought an exciting commission from Dove. After an initial phone call explaining a brief outline of the concept my brain jumped into helicopter mode and I began to think of how to execute it in a simple and reflective way.
Beauty spot = In Western society it’s a rarity to find an individual who genuinely loves everything about their bodies. We all have one or two things that we like. Perhaps love. Therefore the campaign aims to highlight these parts we do like and realise how we all see different beauty spots in each other ultimately raising self esteem. By supporting one another and having the discussion perhaps we can begin to have a healthier and more positive relationship with our bodies and re consider how we assess beauty.

31% of women describe themselves as average, compared to just 1% who describes them as beautiful.  

The test and a preflight consisted of shed loads of fun toys, various nibbles, mountains of tea and a bunch of lovely incredible volunteers to model. We decided to really experiment with the concept and see how many different ways we could deliver the beauty spot message

In the end the client opted for our ‘sheet’ idea.The style was to drape the women and unite them in one single sheet and show one genuine body part they loved to the camera.

On the shoot day, with minimal time needed in hair and make up we began shooting instantly. Photography is often a solitary practice but it’s always a team effort on a commission of this nature. I was lucky to have some fantastic people at hand. The thing that kept me going the most was Rhiannon and Alex’s 90′s hip hop and r’n’b playlist. As the shoot wrapped, the backstreet boys played us out…massive thanks to EVERYONE xx

You can read more about the campaign here: https://www.dove.co.uk/en/SocialMission/DoveBeautySpot/default.aspx