Snakes and Mirrors

11th April 2013

snakes & mirrors

I seem to often end up injuring my sister when we embark on adventures….never on purpose. We either end up getting locked into places, running from aggressive strangers or climbing over fences and breaking ankles and toes.

It was for this reason that as we arrived at the nature reserve ; the look of caution and general mistrust on my sisters face was one I had anticipated . I hold a reputation of danger if she agrees to take a wander with myself and my camera.

 Somehow despite this I wooed her into a shoot last weekend. The sun was gorgeous and I had an idea of replicating a vision I had dreamt earlier that week. After a brief mission to Limehouse we were now kitted out with a strange shaped mirror as a prop.

 I found a spot I was particularly after which happened to be an overgrown corn field . At first she refused to climb in, complaining that there would be snakes amongst the reeds. After a slight debate with her Steve Irwin knowledge she finally climbed down the rusty ladder and delved between the leaves.

 I have to say my sister is a bit of a looker and did a great job

 After the shoot I decided to show my appreciation in a predictable childish gesture . As I trailed behind her  I decided to let out a childish squeal and scream “snake! snake!’

 To my joy she ran like a sissy with a genuine look of horror as she clambered up the steps to escape… ahhh sisterly love xx