Image of the week…smooth as a dolphin

20th May 2021

As my sister would say Adam is ‘Smooth as a dolphin’. Whilst the girls embrace their body hair with liberated empowerment, he opts for a silky clean suit.

As Adam put it:

“The idea that femininity is adopted to being absolutely hairless and being masculine is the opposite is still very popular . With a new age of social media influences and targeted advertising I think these product selling stereotypes will be staying for this generation”

This statement highlighted just how comfortable Adam is in his clean shaven skin. An admirable and unusual quality that the group effortlessly adopted.

He dressed to match the sandy beach and the 3 of them found a nook to settle into whilst I unpacked. Martha handled the pebbles like a pro on her crutches and as the cold wind crept in I began to build a little fire. oao x