Image of the week …back on the other side of world

6th June 2021


Do you still got covid?”

I love the occasional ping of Facebook messages I get from the kids I met in Taz a few years back. Time whizzes past if you’re 10 years old and I’m itching to see what’s changed . The group that gathered around Topside and the chip shop were full of characters. A bashful Emma and a cheeky Dwight entertained me with warmth and for the tiny pocket of time I hung out in Gagey I felt like each sun drenched evening brought a new adventure.

Bryce and Zak are wise beyond their years and hold strong moral values. Craddlying his lizard Bryce sucked on a bright blue lollipop and talked me through the Encyclopedia of terrifying arachnids that house themselves in Taz. Across from him Zak chatted to his mum on loudspeaker and always signed off with a ‘k love you’. These guys are so cool and I can’t wait to return and hang out with them.