10th September 2015



Don’t get me wrong…I love London.

Just a few hours ago I blissfully stumbled back home through the hazy Soho lights, drowning in the noise of hectic streets. London gives you the anonymity to daydream and in some ways escape. It’s nice to be back but something in me is still nagging. I feel the need to roam and runaway.

It’s like an itch I can’t quite reach.

It’s not boredom, depression or fatigue…more fear and anxiety. I feel like I haven’t explored yet and time is moving so fast.

The 24-hour shoot reminded me that one of the beautiful luxuries of taking street photos is the ability to float between pockets of life. Slip into lots of different moments; evaporate and then move on. Within 24 hours I had a peek into so many people’s worlds. From a daily routine to a moment of chaos or elation. A private walk alone or an overdue social. Each microcosm was a small insight into how, wherever I choose to roam, I have the wonderful gift of a camera as an excuse to be curious. Perhaps part of my desire to runaway is because I feel like on a day-to-day basis I take it for granted. I get caught up in the way London dominates my watch. It steals time slyly and greedily…