Broken machines and broken thoughts

18th September 2015

Im unravelling stunted projects and dealing with the disappointment of not having any flights lined up. Sitting still in london for a while means I need to concentrate on how to have adventures nearer to home. Running away is an easy option when it comes to curing my writers block but for now my brain stays in the smoke.

So this weeks images are from the result of my computer saying the final no before dying. Transferring over an archive seems to be a constant mission on my to do list and whilst delving through its always nice to look at those that missed the final edit boat.

This image is from my Our Lives project. The innocence of a child is never a fleeting novelty. There is something unique about the relationship between a subject too young to present a mask and a photographer so used to seeing one. It’s refreshing to watch children evolve in their awareness to being observed.

IMG_8302 blog

The second images are from an assignment for the Saturday Telegraph magazine. After being disappointed with the images I then remembered how insanely full on the day was. We managed to average about 6 minutes a portrait and nailed over 12 throughout the day in between documentary shots , running about chasing our subjects and gaining clearance on locations. I slept like a baby that night. Looking back though I only wish I could have had more time to take each portrait.

My favourite moment of the day was climbing threw a tiny window of a neighbour who lived next to the school. I tiptoed along their roof edge to grab an overview shot of the playground. The light was gorgeous and watching the ant like figures formulate different shapes was a nice rest. It was calming to have some space and height….almost reminded me of being on a plane…oao x