Rejected pups

4th June 2015


As I continue to delve through the negs from my trips I am forcing myself to remain optimistic about the project and remember that it’s all about the learning. The experiences have been plentiful and at the moment, that’s my main incentive.
I am pre-planning some ideas and sketching a few scenes before I travel and this image is from an idea I had/have of creating. Dogs like in a lot of countries; are roaming the streets galore. The unpredictable nature of stray animals scares me; there are no limits to their behaviour. As well as this being terrifying it’s also exciting. It opens up new possibilities within the image. These dogs were strong and once on a leash had full intention of causing havoc. There were complex political relationships between them; it was like a dog soap opera.

Accompanied by a few of the workers with a restraint of two Dobermans at a time, we strolled our way through tangled vines in the forest. Testing the patience of our helpers we desperately chased the light to an isolated spot amongst the trees. Despite the obedience of the hounds and kindness of their trainers the shot didn’t quite come together. It lacked atmosphere and wonder but we tried our utmost best to orchestrate my vision.

Looking at this image I can see why it isn’t what I envisioned but I also know that the ingredients I fantasised about were impossible. Some visions need time and I hope that perhaps this one, in the future, will be more feasible. oao x