Euston we had a problem..

18th June 2015


Last week brought a hurricane of technical fury. Web hosting played havoc with my patience and unfortunately my website was down for a few days. Thankfully a saviour by the name of James Dodd came to the rescue ( I owe him a beer)
Anywhooo I ve been doing some scanning whilst I delve through everything I ve shot over these past 3 years. I ve been working on ‘Purity’ and ‘Youth without age, life without death’ simultaneously and after a few years now I’m feeling stuck with both. They are equally challenging projects in very different ways. One is about exploring and creating, the other about learning and observing.  The purpose and intention of each is to learn and test my ability and my approach. The main obstacle I’m facing is knowing what I am going to shoot without closing my mind to the mystery and journey of the unexpected. My current way of dealing with this conundrum is to keep thinking, keep shooting, keep researching and most of all keep playing with ideas and concepts…then I hope either way it will teach me something, challenge me and remain enjoyable.

Although walking and making new work is both a craving and urgency right now, it does feel sensible to sort through shots and learn from my mistakes. So this weeks images are some polaroids I ve finally got round to scanning … OAO x