Image of the week… Pistachio soap, Pistachio pens, Pistachio T shirts

27th June 2023

Pistachio soap, Pistachio pens, Pistachio T shirts, Pistachios made from Pistachios.

After 9 days in Athens, I was craving an escape to a little nutty island.

I grabbed a ferry and headed for Aegina; paradise in just 45 minutes. For no reason I gave myself a little itinerary which soon fell to shit. I walked around to explore and the scent of fresh fish and iced tea spun me back to every childhood holiday I had.

My mum used to scan Teletext late at night in search of last-minute bargains and then kidnap me mid lesson at primary school to chaotically jump on a bus to Gatwick.
Once we arrived, she would charm a local grandmother with her perfect Greek into hosting us. I once recall her grabbing me from a school Assembly to dash to Thessaloniki that morning.

My final stop off that day was a hidden beach close to the port. It was vacant except a beautiful man who kept leaping into the sea to perform handstands and two young women who coincidentally live one road from me in Hackney.

I soaked up the last of the evening salty breeze whilst the sun dipped in and out. Either blazing with a mighty blow or disappearing again to have us reaching for a shirt or towel to stay warm. After a final dip I headed back to the port feeling reborn.
I reluctantly made my way onto the ferry and nibbled on pistachios as I watched the island fade into a dot. OAO x