Image of the week… It was only as I left coach B i realised

27th June 2023

It was only when I left Coach B I realised how it intolerable it would have been to spend over 3 hours trapped in such a repugnant chamber.
As I settled into Coach C I heard the two obese pugs snort loudly for the last time and the squealing of a toddler drown out into silence. As the glass doors closed, the aroma of sweaty Wotsits was thankfully sealed behind me.

We looked at each other with utter relief and discussed the plan for the weekend:
Yorkshire Moors, red wine, wood burning fires, long walks, and gothic candlelit dinners- YUP sounds good to me.

When asked if I’ve been to a particular English spot on the map I often shrug.
My memory is terrifyingly poor and assignments have flung me in and out of suburbs over the country for such short intense periods of time. It’s hard to keep track as I spend more time on the train than I do at the actual destination.

One memorable shoot was in Pembrokeshire: there and back in one day for a deadline that evening. (12 hours in total on the train- 2-hour shoot)

Pre pandemic I didn’t take ‘holidays’ and my trips were always delightfully solo. I didn’t visit with the intention to just be. It was more about exploration for visual creation.
However, during and post pandemic I am embracing the idea of travelling with company and finding a balance of ways to venture with and without my camera.

After a gorgeous candlelit fish supper, we slept sound and awoke to a misty seafront at Robin Hoods Bay. Barely awake, I was informed that Emilia and Jack were getting ready for a morning swim. Admiration but not participation for me on this one.
I raced downstairs and loaded my camera, perching on the window ledge to watch them gleefully slide into the water. It looked effortlessly fun and there was no hesitation. What a way to start a morning, great work folks. I shot until they burst in gushing with adrenaline. Proudly awake they immersed themselves in a cocoon of blankets on the sofa with a hot brew. Oao x